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Just One Thing (JOT)-It’s gonna be huge!

February 16th, 2009 — 11:46pm

A Social Media Phenomenon has been the FaceBook viral passalong “25 Things”.  These 25 things are supposed to be 25 true or surprising things abut you.  It is supposed to be a “shared self-discovery opportunity”.  I did mine, it was cool (if you want to see it, “friend me”, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, fun for the family etc.). 

Well it’s time for the next “Viral Breakout”.

 I’m calling it “Just One Thing”. 

It is almost March, and to be honest, 60-90 days out from setting a resolution is just about the time when most people are letting them go, missing that extra workout, eating that extra “snickerdoodle” if you will.    If you were to ask someone to tell you “how the world should be” they can be incredibly forthcoming.  If you ask them how “they’d like to change their lives”, they’ll have a thousand different ways in which they would improve their existence.

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Make a Way.

February 10th, 2009 — 11:48pm

I’ll be 40 in July. My wife and I (she’s 9 years younger) still haven’t had children. But I know with every fibre of my being, and all of my faith that I will one day be a father. Not just a father, a great Dad. I know that my wife will be the most loving of Mothers. Why am I so sure? My certainty lies in the knowledge of what we have to offer a child. If you have it in you, and the world needs it, it will keep tugging at you and rattling around inside of you until it gets out. That’s how I know that we will make a way in our lives for a child. It is that simple. We will make a way.

Welt Branding is something special. Not just to me, but in the course of modern business, it occupies a rarified place. The people here, my Team, has talent. Not just “technical know how” or experience, they have “Smack the taste out of your mouth”, otherworldy stuff. They have passion. They are adaptable. They believe in who we are, and what we can do. We are diverse in style and thought and yet we combine to be so LARGE for a small group.

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