Make a Way.

I’ll be 40 in July. My wife and I (she’s 9 years younger) still haven’t had children. But I know with every fibre of my being, and all of my faith that I will one day be a father. Not just a father, a great Dad. I know that my wife will be the most loving of Mothers. Why am I so sure? My certainty lies in the knowledge of what we have to offer a child. If you have it in you, and the world needs it, it will keep tugging at you and rattling around inside of you until it gets out. That’s how I know that we will make a way in our lives for a child. It is that simple. We will make a way.

Welt Branding is something special. Not just to me, but in the course of modern business, it occupies a rarified place. The people here, my Team, has talent. Not just “technical know how” or experience, they have “Smack the taste out of your mouth”, otherworldy stuff. They have passion. They are adaptable. They believe in who we are, and what we can do. We are diverse in style and thought and yet we combine to be so LARGE for a small group.

A recent article let me know that agencies like mine and even the big boys are facing the future with trepidation. They are doing the very thing that they should be counseling their clients against. When you are in a down economy, you must innovate. You must renew and redouble your vigor, and approach the market with the ideas that you(maybe shouldn’t and most likely) wouldn’t try at times when the going is easy, because they would appear to be too aggressive or unproven. It is counterintuitive but this is the time to make new roads as we travel forward. What lies ahead is uncertain, and offers greater challenges (no budgets, haters and the boringly fearful, etc.), but for those that will “take up the banner” and push on ’til daylight, the rewards are limited only by your willingness to settle.

I know that my Team, just like me, gets up every morning thinking of what is to come, and lookng for ways to offer the world all of the “towering opportunites” that keeps tugging them awake.

With all we have to offer, it is clear.  We will make a way.

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