“Everything isn’t the I-Phone”- DaVinci, 1518

Time for a quick rant about “What things are not”.

If you make a cell phone, DO NOT COMPARE IT TO THE I-PHONE!  Look, it is simple. Don’t pick fights that you can’t win.  Many of the new phones (and a few of the old ones) are more than competent and valuable to a wide variety of people who do not practically need what an I-Phone can do, but not only do these companies fail to make their product the “hero” of their campaigns and brand work, they introduce a “better suitor” to the customers they are courting.

The I-phone is an unusual moment in products and branding.  it connects several connected but clearly different technologies into a one package.  It effectively eliminates the need for anyone to have “just a phone” (unless you want that). Everything you do, want to do, or would like to think about doing in one device.  But it isn’t just any old device, it is gorgeously designed, with no detail left to chance.

Then, the company that made this veritable “Branding Unicorn”, decide to not only market this product, but instead it told us that we should think of them as the “arbiters of cool”.  You life will become increasingly more grey, unfashionable and sad if you don’t immediately get an I-phone.

With all that in mind, why would you want to compare yourself to an I-Phone?

Instead, why not focus on what makes your product perfect for the lives that your customers are leading? Remember on “Hitch” when Will Smith tells Kevin James that when it comes to  dancing, Kevin James needs to “stay in here, nothing crazy. Stay in your wheelhouse”?

There is a big difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Ferrari.  Decide who you are, then pitch that to the right people.  You never want to be the “poor man’s version” of anything…

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