Tebow to Play in Super Bowl


I bleed red…and black. For all of you outside of Cincinnati, those are the colors of my beloved Bearcats. You may remember them as the same team embarrassed by Tim Tebow in the Sugar Bowl earlier this year.

Today, Tebow is in the news for another reason. He will be featured in a Super Bowl commercial this February promoting a pro-life stance. His mother was pregnant with him while living in the Philippines. Complications arose. Her doctor recommended abortion in order to save her life. She obviously didn’t listen, and twenty years later we inherited one of the youngest Heisman winners in history.

I’m not going to get my soapbox out and tell you why you should or shouldn’t have a take on this ethical issue. I will however let Jan Crawford explain why this story concerns advertising in general:

Jan Crawford Blog

What is the ethical boundary for advertising? Should we leave it up to networks to decide what’s appropriate for the American people?

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