Let’s Talk About Condoms…

Recent market research has led to a new understanding of the “jimmy hat”. Apparently, “size does matter” when it comes to condoms. It seems that men often buy condoms that don’t fit properly. Research highlights the idea that men are rarely incented to purchase condoms that are marked “small” or “medium”. Maybe sizing should start with “Large”…?

The BBC provides more insight into this disparity in the condom industry.

Playtex faced a similar situation with bras and used this strategy to reconcile.

Shouldn’t the marketing of condoms be as unique as the individual who wears one? If so, how should they tactfully market size options?

Fellas, are you letting your egos get in the way of your satisfaction?
Ladies, have you been a victim of the sexual equivalent of “Baggy Jeans”?

Tell me what you think…

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