Suicide by Advertising Cliche

Have you ever justified an action with, “Everyone is doing it!”? If so, you were most likely met with the equally cliché, “If ‘so-and-so’ tells you to jump off a bridge, are you going to do it?”…This is the current culture of advertising in social media.

Like lemmings making a break for the sea, small businesses are lining up without good reason. Do businesses need to be advertising in all social media platforms?

P&G dominates the marketing realm, but has struggled in the past to advertise successfully on Facebook.

Perhaps sticking with traditional web advertising is more appropriate for businesses at the moment. Chris Kauza clearly tells why marketing through Google AdWords can be more effective than using LinkedIn.

Although Twitter doesn’t have formal advertising, it is still possible to use posts to promote your business. Adam Toren provides a quick synopsis of the pros and cons of this method.

Welt Recommendations: If you aren’t sure which social media option is right for you, take a small amount of the budget and test the different options. Review how successful each is in creating conversion, and then make a decision on which social media tool to pursue. If you are going to advertise your business through Twitter posts, you will want to tread carefully. If all you do is post advertisements for your company, you will lose followers. Be sure to post good content that is relevant to your company, and when appropriate, drop the name of your business.

For instance: “For more ideas on how to best use social media for advertising, contact us through the Welt Branding site”. See what we did there?

Have you ever clicked ads on Facebook or LinkedIn? Do you find the ads annoying or useful?

Let us know what you think…

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2 Responses to “Suicide by Advertising Cliche”

  1. Alex Villeneuve

    I completely agree that too many businesses are rushing to social media for less than correct reasons.

    Social media is grabbing a lot of headlines right now so it seems like the right thing to do (almost like the era of investing). Also, social media is often thought to be free or at least inexpensive and is measurable. So cash strapped businesses, most of whom slashed marketing budgets in the recession, are flocking to it. And so it becomes very cliche.

    The way to avoid this is, like you say, through your content. Be interesting. If you are interesting, you will never be cliche. If you cannot make your self interesting, facebook might not be the right platform. Interesting content will always resonate with users. The first adopters of social media started to join the conversation that was taking place online and to lead that discussion; not to simply advertise. Leading the discussion should be the mission. If you do that right, the numbers will fall in line.

    Finally, not enough attention is paid to the type of friends or followers companies look for. Everyone is looking for the most followers, but having a small group of followers that are brand loyal and not afraid to share that is much more valuable.

    Seth Godin did an experiment on this and the results can be found here:

    Thank You

  2. stevemartin


    You provide some great insight into this dilemma. We couldn’t agree more that a loyal core of fans is more important than numbers.

    Like the Seth Godin link, perhaps you can spread this post and let’s see if we can’t go viral with it.

    Thanks for the reply!

    -Welt Branding

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