Celebrity Stalking: Gaga Redux

No one knows who Stefani Germanotta is. She is a graduate of the all-girls Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan, she has naturally thick brunette hair, and she has her own creative production team called the Haus of Gaga. Stefani has transformed herself from a normal girl from a good Italian family with a penchant for going pant-less on stage, to a pop and fashion icon.

Stefani Germanotta has created the fame monster named Lady Gaga, and she wants a legion of super-fans that “want to eat and taste and lick every part of us.” That “us” Lady Gaga mentions would be the Haus of Gaga, her production team. Calling her make-up and wardrobe crew the Haus of Gaga is an obvious reference to haute couture and Lady Gaga is the poster girl. Lady Gaga is strongly influenced by fashion, even donning the more outlandish styles form brands like Dior, Channel, Armani, and her own Haus of Gaga stage costumes. I’m sure she has gotten a lot of “free” products from her deals with other companies as seen in the previous article here. But the final question for me is: when does marketing become art, and art become marketing?

“When I’m writing music, I’m thinking about the clothes I want to wear on stage. It’s all about everything altogether—performance art, pop performance art, fashion. For me, it’s everything coming together and being a real story that will bring back the super-fan. I want to bring that back. I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us.”

- Lady Gaga

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