It’s Lindsay!!!!

Regardless of the connotations, I would be hard-pressed to associate the first name Lindsay with the socialite Lindsay Lohan. But this is essentially the premise that Miss Lohan is going to court with.

She is suing E-Trade for defamation to the tune of 100 million. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl as part of a successful ad campaign for E-Trade.

She claims the commercial relates her likeness (the name Lindsay) to alcoholism. She has as much a chance of winning the case as any other Lindsay with a drinking problem. Why? Because Lindsay Lohan hasn’t transcended into the realm of one-named celebs, and it seems vainglorious at best for her to assume she has. Lindsay Lohan’s movies lack a certain amount of depth. And her singing career isn’t exactly bringing home the bacon.

Welt’s Take:

Given the illogical nature of her diva status, we have to believe this is a bogus lawsuit. So why would she do this? Could it be a clever PR stunt? She is spending good money to hire an attorney in exchange for nonstop press. This is an intelligent cost when the product you sell is yourself. So long as her name is in the limelight, business is good. If she is truly concerned about defamation, perhaps she should pursue legal action with E-News; she would have a better case than her current one with E-Trade.

If Lindsay Lohan is serious about these allegations, this is how she needs to view the situation. If E-Trade were referencing Lindsay Lohan in the commercial, she should be grateful. The whole concept of celebrity and gossip are what keep her lifestyle afloat. She is so far removed from the cute and talented child star that she once was, that only her bad decisions can keep her relevant. The current value she brings to marketing is that her way of life is peculiar at best, and certain markets want to vicariously live through her. However, I doubt those markets are the same as the users of E-Trade.

Did any of you see the commercial and initially think Lindsay Lohan? Is it now safe to associate Lindsay Lohan with “milkaholic”? Can you name what show the title of this entry is from?

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3 Responses to “It’s Lindsay!!!!”

  1. Tim Burke

    I did not initially think of Lindsay when I saw the commercial. But now I’m always going to think of Lindsay Lohan with a milk mustache! Got Milk?

  2. Pen Ombracoltello


    If Lindsay Lohan were any more vapid, she’d leave a contrail…

  3. Roxanne S

    I absolutely thought of Lindsay Lohan when that commercial aired, and I think the intent of using her name was clear. The question is can her reputation be any more damaged by a vague reference in a commercial than what she is telling the world about herself with her own actions?

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