Pakistan Hates Facebook; CBS Loves Twitter

Social media is everywhere (seriously, we can’t escape it). It’s caught at an interesting crossroad of recognition; is it a fad or a legitimate medium? I have to believe it’s the real deal. Besides the simple fact that my job depends on its survival, a couple of current events suggest that social media is thriving.

If you didn’t know it, today is “Everybody draw Mohammed day” on Facebook. The numbers the group has reached fascinates me. It’s jumped 50,000 fans in one day. What’s more is that Facebook is the driving medium for the group. They have gained so much attention that the sovereign state of Pakistan has banned Facebook. That’s right, they banned Facebook. I think the concept of drawing Mohammed is mediocre, but that’s where Facebook thrives. The marriage of an average concept with the ease of Facebook is bolstering causes that wouldn’t survive in other media. In other words, social media is changing non-movements into strong movements.

Twitter is also flexing its cyber muscle this week through the guise of William Shatner. The seasoned actor will star in a new sitcom titled Sh*t My Dad Says. The whole concept comes from Twitter. Check it out, it’s pretty funny. With a Twitter following of over one million, the group has successfully encouraged CBS into creating this series. They have also become the first electronic group to create a TV show.

So yes, social media is strong and influential. If average concepts can persuade a country to examine its policies, and digital armies can persuade a major television network to add a show (Conan O’Brian?), imagine the possibilities for your own business. Your business is most likely a better cause than defying a religion or getting a show on the air. Using the right strategy to harness the power of social media can do wonders for you. By the way, I think getting CBS to create a quality sitcom is more challenging than Pakistan banning Facebook. Just saying.

Do you seriously think this is still a fad? What are some other examples of social media showing its power?

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5 Responses to “Pakistan Hates Facebook; CBS Loves Twitter”

  1. Pen Ombracoltello

    How much of the “Tea Party Movement” was bolstered by social media?

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  4. Antonio Lochridge

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