Blackhawks, Jordan, and Nike: Only Back Winners

When it comes to winning, Lombardi’s, “act like you’ve been there before” should be respected. However, don’t waste your time explaining that to Chicago. As far as the Cubs and Blackhawks are concerned, unless you are ancient, you have never been there before. If you think that’s an unfair statement, look no further than the United Center.

The Blackhawks, who share this arena with the Bulls, have decorated the famous Jordan statue in Blackhawks gear. Leave it to Chicago to take out their sports angst by playing statue dress up. Cute! Regardless, the statue is now decked out in Reebok gear: a hockey helmet, Blackhawk’s jersey, and skates.

Jordan is synonymous with the Nike early years, so it comes as no surprise that his Reebok skates were given the Nike treatment. While neither Nike nor United Center have released information on their involvement, it’s safe to assume that both are involved with the makeover.

Nike is making the news by placing their Swoosh on Reebok gear, and I can’t help but report it to you all. This will get a ton of press the next few days, especially if the Blackhawks take the cup. However, Nike is sending mixed messages to the viewers…If you want hockey skates, go pick up a pair of Nikes, oh wait, they don’t make skates anymore. Has Nike realized that Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL in general are worth sponsoring now?

The real value of this stunt is making the sports sections for low cost. It’s a stunt that we can all see through, yet the corporate quirkiness is what we find intriguing.
Do you think Nike was involved, or some fan just couldn’t bare seeing Jordan in Reebok? Blackhawks or Flyers for the cup?

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2 Responses to “Blackhawks, Jordan, and Nike: Only Back Winners”

  1. Blades of Steel

    Advertising on the NHL? Maybe in Canada. I watch a LOT of sports and I had no idea hockey was still being played right now.

  2. Freebird

    In a strange twist, somebody doused the statue in Adidas cologne. This is getting crazy.

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