The Dutch Touch

The Dutch are synonymous with beautiful women, incredible beer, and progressive thinking. Throw it all together in the name of marketing and guess what you get? Thirty scantily clad women at the World Cup promoting the Dutch brewery, Bavaria N.V.

Like a true challenger, they creatively placed this product in front of the public and most of us liked what we saw. To a select group of viewers, namely the Dutch, the dresses are associated with the Bavaria N.V. brand. The mini dresses are given out with the beer. So when Dutch viewers saw a group of orange clad women, even with no labels, the Bavaria N. V. connection was made.

As you might guess, Budweiser doesn’t like competition. After dropping about $1.6 billion to be the official World Cup beer, I can’t really blame them. If they hate competition as much as I think they do, then they reacted to the “guerilla marketing” horribly. The women were escorted out of the game and two were arrested. An out of court settlement was eventually reached between the two brewers.

Why didn’t Budweiser set up a private conversation with Bavaria and FIFA? I wouldn’t be writing this blog if they had. In fact, the best response may have been hiring 300 Americans to wear Bud Light gear to the next match or doing nothing at all. That’s on the house Budweiser. Their blatant mishandling of the situation gave Bavaria N.V. more press than they’re accustomed to.

Are we so comfortable with what we have that we can’t accept those willing to challenge? The public isn’t thankfully, but the corporate sector is happy with its status. It’s for instances like this that contingency plans are necessary. Just short of a soapbox and Andy Rooney eyebrows, that’s my sermon for the day.

I’ve never heard of Bavaria N.V. yet, I’m more inclined to try it. I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll do with the dress.

What should Budweiser have done? Anyone need an orange mini dress? Suggestions?

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2 Responses to “The Dutch Touch”

  1. RS

    Great article. You’re right on the money when suggesting that it probably would’ve been wiser for Budweiser to keep this quiet. At least from a reputation standpoint. Given my innate talents to read and speak Dutch, I thought I’d share some headlines from national newspapers in the Netherlands.

    • The two girls that work for Bavaria were detained and questioned by the SA Police for four hours, and were threatened to serve six months in prison for breach of Fifa’s marketing regulation

    • The SA police initially refused to inform the Dutch government of the charges against the girls, presumably because they just didn’t know and acted purely on behalf of the Fifa.

    • The two girls are just college students doing this for fun. Bavaria paid for the flight and tickets. That’s it.

    • The orange dresses only bare a tiny Bavaria slogan on the back of the dress

    • The girls may be charged with conspiracy to participate in criminal behavior

    • Most Dutch newspapers have ridiculed the SA police force for being the Fifa’s personal enforcement agency

    • Bavaria’s sales have skyrocketed in the last week or so

    • General consensus is that this is the most pathetic show of force by both the Fifa and the SA Police.

    • FIFA initially denied that the girls were actually arrested !!!!!!!

    The Fédération Internationale de Football Association should be embarrassed for harassing these two college students and move on to do what they do best: filling the pockets of their incompetent executives and destroying the World Cup spirit we try to engulf ourselves in.

    For Budweiser I just have one question…. Really?

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