Twitter’s Collective Entitlement Rears Its Ugly Head… Again

“What the mob wants, the mob gets…” is quickly becoming the norm of social media. News of the Spiderman series relaunch, combined with Twitter, has geeks dreaming up “what if” scenarios. What if Spiderman were black? Could the story still be told as Peter Parker? Can you have a Spiderman without a Peter Parker?

Through Twitter brainstorming sessions, these were some of the questions asked. At some point, the concept gained traction and a “campaign” was born. Spurred by the recent success of other Twitter campaigns, some Twitter users are demanding Sony Pictures to cast Donald Glover as the new crusader of the franchise.

Most writers start off with their PC disclaimers, but I’m going to say it outright. Let’s face it, Peter Parker is white and Peter Parker is Spiderman. The comic book is too rich in history to change now. If you do change it, it will no longer be Spiderman.

The idea that social media can make demands is preposterous. The interaction between social media, businesses, and consumers is reserved for listening in and paying attention, but not always acting. Companies can sift through concepts and choose the one that makes the most business sense. Brands are not democracies.

The Tea Party was born from the same sentiment. It’s social media presence is strong, but their motives are nonsensical. In fact, they are as disillusioned as the “Donald Glover for Spiderman” campaign. Both lack a logical agenda and are movements for the namesake. Twitter mobs shouldn’t be responsible for anything that has consequences… which I suppose, is everything.

Let’s not mistake something worthwhile with either of these groups. A mob, especially the Twitter kind, operates from the id. It is not thoughtful and doesn’t look at the larger picture. They have no place in making decisions and demands.

Is it possible to convince the Twitter populace that brands aren’t democracies? Should Donald Glover be cast as Spiderman?

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  1. Pen Ombracoltello

    If truth and or knowledge doesn’t matter, and only “the world the way that we want it to be” is important to each of us, and we are willing to forsake a shared empirical reality, then populist movements are useful…

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