Hulu does something new, and they’re gonna make you pay!

My last entry on Hulu praised the company for giving the Internet masses what we want. This digital love affair is now in jeopardy. Hulu is offering more options now as users can upgrade to Hulu Plus, which provides a larger catalogue of content for multiple devices. With your subscription comes zero commercials…oh wait; you still have to watch them.

Why would anyone pay $10 a month to view a decent collection of shows and B-list movies when there are so many more valuable alternatives? Netflix,, Boxee, and cable television are just a few. If Hulu Plus really wants to compete as an alternative to cable, then they need to offer some real value.

For starters, make Hulu Plus an application that can be downloaded on the iPhone, and iPad at a flat fee of $20. Don’t worry Hulu, you can still get your greedy mitts on profit, by showing your advertisements as usual. If that isn’t enough to fill the coffers, Hulu could always add an upgrade where viewers can get a larger selection with no commercials for the monthly fee of $10. Think of it as an HBO for the Internet savvy. The flat fee concept challenges what television can be and where it can be viewed.

If I could pay a one-time fee to watch television on my phone, I would. I wouldn’t even mind the commercials. It’s like the drug dealer concept. Give them a taste and they will always come back and want more. I don’t see Hulu Plus being successful unless the business model changes. But, maybe I’m crazy and overlooking something.

Are you going to purchase Hulu Plus? Do you like my idea better? What’s the worst movie on Hulu at the moment?

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