Ad Fail: God Wars

Here’s the lowdown on the God war that’s heating up in Louisville as told by Maira Ansari
“Earlier this month a “Godless” billboard was put up by the Louisville Coalition for Reason. Now Louisville Bible College put up a response just a half-mile away. It says: “Believe in Jesus Christ? You’re definitely not alone.”

With differing messages, both organizations agree on one thing – the billboards are opening up a discussion.
“We respect the right of atheist,” said Dr. Tracy Marx with the Louisville Bible College. “This is America, this is one of the great things and we are all part of the American society.”
“Ours was not a message towards churches,” said Ed Hensley with the Louisville Coalition of Reason. “Ours was a message to inform the community about the existence of this group.’”

Is the Coalition of Reason’s billboard a win or fail? How about the Louisville Bible College’s response billboard? Tell us why…
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2 Responses to “Ad Fail: God Wars”

  1. MikeTheInfidel

    CoR billboard: Win. Some people in that area don’t even know other atheists exist.
    LBC billboard: Fail. They’re not saying anything we don’t already know.

  2. Nicole Pereira

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    BUTTT I guess if you were really trying to go for a shock message like this, doing it while people go to and from work would really make an impact.

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