Catholicism: There’s an APP for that

For centuries, Catholicism has been adverse to change. In some ways, it’s been refreshing. With everything changing at the speed of sound, it’s nice to have something that’s unbending. But at the core of Catholicism lies a brand. This brand needs to thrive to stay in business, and with an overall decline in membership, the brand has had to change its strategy.
The novelty of something unchanging has worn off. The brand can’t survive without keeping up.

With that, we have seen a recent invasion of Catholicism into our contemporary lives. This of course includes our tech-centric society. Here are a few standouts of Catholic Church expanding their reach.

Nuns App

Twitter is 126 million strong. The numbers are constantly increasing, and a growing demographic includes nuns. In Rome, “a city where religious organizations and charities are such a dominant part of the local workforce you are bound to get men and women of the cloth who happen to code and tweet and do quite a bit of outreach through social networks peppering you with tough questions about proper social media editorial strategy.” The nuns are gaining a large following because they aren’t trying to use social media to make a profit; they are using it to make connections. This is something the marketing world can learn from.

Confession App

This has been the focus of some heated debate the past week. Typically performed in a church, the app brings the booth to you. It broke today that the Catholic Church is denouncing this app.
But the concept is right on the money. Whether you think this is right or wrong, it doesn’t necessarily matter for this conversation. The idea of the Church exploring different alternatives proves that they are seeing where its brand fits in with modern society. Kudos for effort.


Did you miss the Pope’s last sermon? No worries, just go to iTunes and get the latest podcast.

The Church’s concerted effort is headed in the right direction. With numbers in heavy decline, we can expect more innovations on a classic brand in the future.

Is this going too far? Should the Church stick to traditional means?

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6 Responses to “Catholicism: There’s an APP for that”

  1. Dan

    There’s a whole lot more Catholic app’s than the ones you mention, but I’m not telling you what they are or where to find them. It’s best just to let you go right on believing that there are just four or five. You know, the Mormon’s have been advertising on television for year, and don’t forget how long televangelism has been in business. You think you’ve stumbled onto something new. What does your brand have to offer?

  2. Steve Martin

    Glad you took the time to comment. You are correct. There are numerous Catholic apps. As mentioned, these are “a few standouts”. The whole point of this entry was to discuss how the Catholic brand is looking for new ways to engage consumers. You are correct in stating that the Mormons have been advertising on television for years. And yes, televangelism is nothing new. The point of the entry wasn’t to highlight a new concept, the point was to showcase how the Catholic brand is evolving.
    What does my brand have to offer?
    We offer impeccable service and product as a full-service branding agency. You can find more details at

  3. Megan

    I’ve been through a few articles about the new Confession iPhone App, all of which are terrible journalism and this one by far makes me the most sick to my stomach. My stomach literally churned and I feel like throwing up. The Church is not a “brand” and the fact that anyone has enough irreverence to describe Her as suchis pretty disgusting.

  4. D

    The Catholic Church SUCKS!! As a “recovering” Catholic I can say that and so much more. It is a PERVERSION of religion and completely sado-masochistic!! Guilt/Shame are forms of CONTROL and nothing else. Confess? Confess what? That the Catholic Church is dying and I for one cannot wait until is is BURIED. Frackin bunch of pedophiles.

  5. Steve Martin

    @Megan –
    My journalism is making you sick to your stomach? That’s never good. It may disappoint you, but the Church is a brand. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most successful brands. It has survived centuries of strife, and has placed brand elements throughout the world. The image of Christ on the crucifix, is arguably the most iconic brand element.

    @D –
    How do you really feel about it? Heh.

    Thanks for commenting guys.

  6. Dr. Spaceman

    Iconic imagery? Check.
    Unified messaging? Check.
    Ritualized behaviors? Check.
    It’s own jargon/language? Check.

    Series of promises made to separate itself from other competitors? Check.

    How do you define “Brands”, Megan?

    The Romans had the most successful brand of the religio/political/movement category, until the Church.

    The only other competitor that has come close may be the Nazi’s, and they stole most of their ideas from who? You guessed it, the Romans and the Catholic Church…

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