Facebook: All About Me… And My Stuff

Facebook launched photo tagging for pages this month. Now anyone can tag products alongside the people in your pictures. I recently had first-hand experience of why this could be the new “power tool” for a brand’s page.

Last week, pleased with the results I was getting from an expensive new home appliance, I decided to post a photo of it. I was amazed one mediocre photograph generated more feedback in one day than anything I’d posted in weeks. How is it a vacuum cleaner can accrue so much attention?

Well, I’d ponied up for a Dyson. Thanks to great advertising, strong design, and an impressive price-point, the everyday Joe sees them as the leader of the vacuum pack.

My friends responded to the Dyson brand strong enough to act on it. The comments were equally divided between gentle ribbing and enthusiastic sharing of their own Dyson experiences.

Currently limited to pages in the People and Brands & Products categories, this still empowers people to link back anything in their pictures. Not only can your social media team go out and tag your brand in every photo they can see, your fans will be out tagging as well. I’ve seen examples that will have you skimming your own photos for accidental “photo op” moments.

I decided to experiment a little with product tagging. I was able to tag the vacuum without having to “like” Dyson’s page first, which nicely empowers users who aren’t your fans to spread your word like foot soldiers. The tagging feature is currently limited to pages in the People and Brands & Products category and also respects your privacy settings. My photo shows up on their page under “Photos and Videos of Dyson” for my friends, but the general public won’t see it there.

So far it also seems ripe for backlash. You might also find mischievous friends linking you up to the brands you say you hate. I’m thinking I’ll feel shallow if every object and place visible in my pictures links back to its manufacturers page.

I wonder if Dyson’ll de-tag me when they see my caption is “I’m a little disgusted at the yuppie glee I feel vacuuming with my new toy…”

Do you want third parties making you an unwitting spokesmodel? Will you be tagging your brands? Hit us back…

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3 Responses to “Facebook: All About Me… And My Stuff”

  1. M

    Ok, I’ll play devil’s advocate here:

    Situation: college party, underage drinking, lots of pictures posted on Facebook. Tagging your buddy’s beer might not be a good idea, either for your buddy or for the brand.

  2. Carolyn Thomas

    OK, here’s another “not good” idea. You and your drunken friends decide to go on a rampage trying to destroy beautiful downtown Vancouver after your hockey team loses the Stanley Cup final to the visiting Boston Bruins. You have tons o’ fun over several hours – violence, vandalism, looting and arson (including setting fire to police cars). You then weave your way back home and post the self-incriminating evidence – including photos and videos – onto your own Facebook page. Yet more proof of “Facebook’s Appeal To The Truly Stupid” – http://ethicalnag.org/2011/06/17/facebook-appeal-to-the-stupid/

  3. jaykulpa

    Yeah, that’s about as “not good” an idea as they get…

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