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I’m Jay and I’m the new Social Media guy here on the Welt Branding team. I guess you could call me the “Social Media Guru.” Personally, I prefer that only slightly to “Social Media Rockstar“, or “Social Media Ninja,” so I’m gonna go with “Social Media Super Hero” instead.

Sure I’m new, and I might do things a bit differently, but we are still gonna post the very best info that we can dig up covering marketing,  pop culture, and the world at large, along with all the latest branding news, right here on the Smackdown. You should also check out our Generation Nerd and Gnome Flash blogs since we’ve got big plans for them.

I have been serving in the social media trenches for a while now. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare, Google Analytics? I love ‘em! They bring the whole world right to you. Communities, services, products and information that you couldn’t even imagine were out there – ones that didn’t even exist five years ago – you can now interact with all day, every day. Facebook brought back friends I hadn’t seen in a decade, while Twitter introduced me to scores of new ones who’ve changed my social life, for the better.

Need peer reviews of restaurants and services? They’re out there at the stroke of a key. Check-in at a restaurant on Foursquare and you might get rewarded.  Got something to say? Blog it out. Need to figure out how you’re going to get measurable results on a project? Analytics are the key! Need to place an ad and reach a very specific audience? Check out how Facebook breaks down those demographics for you. Social Media is the future and at Welt we do it everyday!

I wanna hear from you: How do you “get social”? At work? At play? Are you tweeting but not checking in? Farmvilling it on the Facebook but not digging into crowd-sourced reviews on Yelp? What works for you? What doesn’t?

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3 Responses to “The New Guy”

  1. Rupert Holmes

    I run a restaurant. What sort of investment would I need to make to use social media as a viable tool for marketing it? I have been looking into “LivingSocial” and Groupon, are these good?

  2. jaykulpa

    The first step I’d recommend is explore how other restaurants in your area, and around the country, are using Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and the like. Ask how it’s worked out for them. It can be a time commitment to get it up and running – then you may find yourself putting in more time because you love interacting with the community of friends and fans you’ll wind up building. There are some great examples of dining establishments striking a balance of sharing their menu and making friends, like Cincinnati’s own Take the Cake Cafe. If you want to optimize your social media use but without managing it yourself, you can always bring in a branding firm like ours!

    When it comes to signing on for a Groupon style deal, I recommend contacting your peers to see what experiences they’ve had. It’s a very personal decision to make as there can be some pitfalls for all the excitement they inspire. There’s a lot of information and opinion out there, and here’s an example to get you started.

  3. M

    One thing one of our local bar/restaurants is doing in Cbus is for your first Foursquare checkin, you get a free appetizer (per party). It’s endearing them to a social-media savvy demographic.

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