What’s Your Secret Identity?

Last year, Superman decided to walk across America to connect with people. A great idea, except, he’s just fictional. Abner Preis, previously renowned for his liberating Web 2.0 Suicide Machine video, is crossing the country for real, engaging imaginations and turning the people he encounters into real-life masked mystery men. As we love Superheroes around here, when we got wind of this art project, we just knew we had to support it.

Preis and Harlan Levey are creating art which asks, “If you had three super powers what would they be?” The project started in Europe and they’re now bringing it to the country where comic books were born to find the superheroes inside ordinary Americans.

Preis has met people the world over and “for all their differences I’ve found they all have something in common: They all are capable of being superheroes, even if its just for a short amount of time.”

Along with his art installations, Preis is creating a book of photographs and DVD that “will share this sense of similarity, empowerment and American heroism with a broader public.” A Kickstarter page has been set up to fund the project. We hope you’ll join us as a superhero and donate.

What super powers do you want? Will Cincinnati’s own Shadow Hare will come out of the woodwork for a team-up? Hit us back…

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3 Responses to “What’s Your Secret Identity?”

  1. Erik

    Simple super powers really: Teleport, laser eyes, do good (it is surprisingly hard to do good.

  2. ProperVillain

    Thanks for the headsup! What a cool idea.

  3. Jay K.

    If they head to Ohio, we’ll let you know! Thanks for responding!

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