Ad Win or Ad Fail? Intel’s Museum of Me

In the last week, nearly a million people have willingly sat through an almost 3 minute ad for Intel’s Core i5 processor for no other reason than it was customized to them. Not only was I enthralled, I authorized Intel to “Hoover up” every bit of my Facebook profile in exchange. Sounds like an Ad Win, but is it?

The handsomely animated “Museum of Me” video builds a kind of virtual exhibition from your Facebook profile. First are gallery-like displays of your friends as portraits then a collage of your own pictures. Maps of locations show up presented like some dark, informative nook at the aquarium. A thumbs-up sculpture dominates a room of videos you’ve “liked” while your frequently used words are delivered like a Jenny Holzer piece on steroids.

This all builds to a swarm of friends’ avatars, all being plucked from the air and sorted by robots into a photomontage of your own profile picture. Finally, the show closes with Intel’s Core i5 logo.

So which heading do we file Intel under, Ad Win or Ad Fail? At first glance this seems a Win. It’s entertaining, appeals to the ego, and has created buzz. But is it actually a Fail? So dazzling is the artful presentation of your information that you’re unlikely to register it as an advertisement on first viewing. I had to look up the product. Worse, most of the buzz includes the word “creepy.”

Considering all the “Facecrooks” out there, realizing how invasive the app really was left a bad taste in my mouth, even if I willingly allowed them access. Authorizing the app means signing over to Intel access to just about your entire profile: basic information, your wall posts, likes, and the photos and videos uploaded by you and your friends.

Along with terms of use and a privacy policy, Intel’s Museum of Me page has a big disclaimer that they don’t store this information, but they do dig through it. The show featured a video I “liked” over a year ago. We’re inclined to trust disclaimers based on a company’s reputation and say-so, but should any app builder be trusted with that much access?

The razzle-dazzle dissipates on repeated viewings but I still feel oddly rewarded, exchanging my information for pleasurable entertainment. In the end, does that alone make the ad a Win?

What was your reaction to your Museum of You? Which is it: Ad Win or Ad Fail? What will you exchange for an entertaining experience?

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4 Responses to “Ad Win or Ad Fail? Intel’s Museum of Me”

  1. G

    I’m unlikely to authorize apps on Facebook, and your piece puts the last nail in the coffin on this one (for me). I have always liked the fluidity in which apps integrate into Facebook, but it also forms a network of trust in our minds. Not every app is as innocuous as it seems.

    That said, it seems like a wonderful idea for them to get a buzz going (positive OR negative), and a nice idea for re-purposing our data for entertainment value. It’s not a new idea, though – this has already been done in multiple still-media forms over many different sites. Even the “tag cloud” on some blogs (including this one) provide a meter of what has been discussed in visual form.


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  3. Scottie Sudduth

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  4. Stephine Scobee

    Love your blog!

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