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You Practice. We Preach.

July 20th, 2011 — 8:26am

Doctor Tweet? (Image courtesy of

It sounds like common sense. The British Medical Association recently warned doctors against befriending patients on social networking sites because it could potentially violate confidentiality.

Now a conscientious medical professional is unlikely to make a mistake of that caliber, but it does illuminate how difficult it can be to build relationships with your patients and still maintain that all-important clinical distance. Continue reading »

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The Data Cloud: Will it Rain Money for Service Providers?

July 19th, 2011 — 2:46pm

The data cloud is the future and where we’ll soon share our data, spread out in all that storage, and use our computers like access terminals. For many, using Google Docs was their first encounter with this virtual storage and everyone seems to be anticipating the “Cloud from Cupertino” with baited breath. But are you ready for your ISP to turn off the tap if you actually use all that the cloud has to offer?

It’s happened to one Seattle man. Andre Vrignaud seems a bit of a “Data Hog,” going over a massive 250GB of data traffic in a month, but service provider Comcast won’t even consider upgrading him to a business account. He’s a gamer who shares video, pictures, data, and music. Sure, he seems like an inordinately heavy user, but is he just ahead of the curve? Will we all be sharing over 250GB a month soon?

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Ad Fail: Entenmann’s is #guilty

July 6th, 2011 — 2:08pm

The unfortunate Tweet in question...

Social media is social. People communicate in real-time with equal access for all. Everyone has an opinion and a megaphone to share it with. Sometimes, you can fall on your face in an instant.

Entenmann’s learned this the hard way on July 5th. When the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida was announced that afternoon, Twitter immediately exploded in a flood of instant reaction tweets, many tagged with #notguilty. Someone at Entenmann’s Social Agency made a huge miscalculation by jumping in with the following tweet: “Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!” It did not go unnoticed, and while the Agency quickly apologized, damage was done.

At least they aimed for being a “Tasty treat.” Continue reading »

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You’re Never Too Old To Be Social

July 1st, 2011 — 9:33am

The Future: Ivy Bean became famous at age 102 as the oldest social media user in 2008

It’s been no secret that over the last few years the fastest growing demographic on Facebook has skewed older. Nearly half of Twitter traffic is from users over 35, with nearly 10% of all internet users 50 and over using it. Last year it was reported that the social networking presence of those 65 and over grew by 100% and, currently, nearly a quarter of all grandparents use social networks.

At Welt we’re experienced in reaching target audiences with social media, so we didn’t understand why some are surprised by this news. You can reach any and every demographic marketing online, not just the specific youth market. Continue reading »

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