The True Value of the Holidays

As I head into my 20th year in the world of work, I begin to understand the true value of the holidays. I see how important families can be. I notice the preparations and pains that my co-workers take to make these few moments that they will have with the people they love as special and memorable as they can.  Yet as marketers we do not, and in many cases cannot, linger in these very human and rich experiences.  We are forced to push the pace, answering and creating needs for consumers, and providing context for them to spend money that they would gladly give away, if in the end, they could spend a few more happy hours with their children, their parents, their brothers and sisters.

As marketers, we hold our breaths as the Black Friday numbers roll in. And as quickly as they do, we strip the mall of the red, white and green colored ornaments and dress it again, this time for Valentines day.  But everyday, in every conversation I hear, someone inevitably says “I can’t believe that it is already (month goes here)”.

I suspect, as I dash through my middle years, that one day I will regret not taking the time to wrap my arms around the “small hours” that make up the best parts of our lives. Maybe I will wise up, and enjoy every chance I get to spend some time with my incredible niece, my very strange, but very warm sister, my remarkably fun in-laws, and the few friends I have managed to stay in contact with.

Nordstrom is a retailer that may be getting it right.  They are asking us to give each holiday enough space to become meaningful, to be a full memory. They are making the request that we see the holidays as more than something we all “get through”. Instead, maybe we can embrace them as something we “get to do”. Something we get to do with the best people we know, if only for a few small hours.

From our family @Weltbrand to yours, a happy and safe holiday season!

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