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Our top 10 tweets #frompopcultureandmarketing of the week:

Social Media expert and Welt alumn, Jay Kulpa, comments on Google yawning fact - did it make you yawn too?

Controversial: employers have been asking potential employees to give up their Facebook password. Twitter is where Welt heard it first!

#Perezism = Perez Hilton giving (not so bad) advice or inspiration.

We missed the #cincySM event, but we were able to follow it on Twitter (thanks to the avid tweeters.)

Makes a good point... It's easy to forget, but sometimes the simple stuff goes a long way!

Fun fact :-)

Visual aids - such as inforgraphics - really help to put something into perspective.

We like OTR and Arts, so we couldn't help but add this to the list.

While the brawl that got this coverage in the NYTimes isn't ideal, it does reflect one thing we think that makes Cincinnati great: the basketball teams, who both seemingly have rebounded since their fight.

One brand that might not be too excited about Shawne Merriman's comical response to the NFL's bounty scandal: P&G's Bounty Towels.

Bonus tweet:

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning fund Airtime, which is a live social video company.

Which tweets were your favorite? Did we miss any? Hit us back!

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