Ad Fail – American Girls

Many young girls today are growing up touting their look-alike American Girls dolls, playing dress up with them, and visiting the American Girls Store to eat, shop, visit the hair salon, and get a check up at the doctor. For the most part these dolls are wholesome and a seemingly innocent companion for little girls.

This wholesome image is being (creepily) disturbed by a stream of editorial photos in which girls pose with their dolls. The second photo on the album pictures a young girl, no more than 11 or 12, laying in a promiscuous pose, and wearing a skimpy bikini with her doll on a balcony that totes a city scene view. Due to the inappropriate content of the photos Welt will not be reposting them on our blog.

Note: these images are photographed by Ilonia  Szwarc and is represented by Redux Pictures — the company that does American Girls editorials.

In our opinion, the dolls (and the little girls who own them) are, unfortunately, represented poorly in these images and do not represent an innocent or wholesome image for fans (and hopefully their parents).

We feel that these pictures are:

1. Not a positive look for American Girls;
2. Do not represent the company well;
3. Are exploiting younger girls;
4. Are extremely inappropriate;
5. …What were they thinking?!

What do you think? Hit us back…

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