Ad Fail – Groupon Father’s Day Deals

It’s a joke. We know. And we also know that Groupon has a notorious wacky sense of humor…but…what?

Groupon is inviting consumers to purchase their Father’s Day deals because you should “celebrate the man who gave birth to you.”

Initially, we thought it might just be a type error. Nope. Wrong.

Next to a picture of a pregnant man gazing adoringly into a mirror is, “He felt you grow and kick inside of him for nine months—thank him with deals on Father’s Day gifts.”

Now, don’t get us wrong, at Welt, we like comedy; but we like it best when it enhances the message, not obscures it. How do you think it affected their deals?

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3 Responses to “Ad Fail – Groupon Father’s Day Deals”

  1. craig

    i just received my email with this. ugh. i, too, thought it had to be that they replaced everything from a mother’s day email with man and were being lazy, but no.

  2. Helen

    Stupid, not funny, and offensive to us woman who have given birth. They lost my business.

  3. Stefanie

    Got the advertisement for Fathers Day deals in my email and was thoroughly confused. Did not find it funny, it was just odd. I, too, at first wondered if it was a mistake, or an attempt at a really lame joke.. then I saw the picture of a man with a pregnant stomach and his wife feeling it, and I knew this was just marketing gone wrong. Not funny. Definitely a fail. Glad I am not the only one that thinks so and that I found others who felt the same way when I googled it.

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