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July 30th, 2012 — 4:14pm

Chick-fil-A has been all the news this past week. Here’s our recap and our take on what’s been going on.

The company has been known to support and heavily donate to anti-gay groups. Recently, however, they took their support a step too far when President and COO, Don Cathy, implied during interviews with the Baptist Press and The Ken Coleman Show that by being in a, supporting, or tolerating homosexual marriage was to “invite God’s judgment.”

Response from the public? Not good.

Ed Helms, the Muppets, Chicago, and the mayor of Boston have threatened to stop doing business with Chick-fil-A. See the letter Mr. Menino sent to Don Cathy here.

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Ad Fail- Harvey Nichols’ Pee

June 13th, 2012 — 1:01pm

Harvey Nichols is a department store located throughout the United Kingdom. Their new advertising campaign, highlighting an up to 70 percent off sale, is meant to “capture a near-fanatical spirit, because let’s face it, the thought of picking up brands at up to 70 percent off is enough to excite and overwhelm even the most composed shopper in us all,” says Press and Marketing Director, Julia Bowe.

Ok, she’s right on – 70 percent off sales are exciting, and so the tag line “try to contain your excitement” is appropriate… just not with wet pants.

Toilet humor is probably one of the funniest forms of humor there is, but even us lovers of “humeur de toilette” know that there is still a time and a place. And rest assured, neither should be incorporated into a retail clothing ad campaign – horrible representation!

Aren’t these ads supposed to make us want to buy the clothes? We can’t even look at what the models are wearing because the pee stain is so distracting! Final decision: we’ll catch the next sale.

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Ad Fail – #TidyCatsStinks

April 10th, 2012 — 9:18am

Last week Purina’s Tidy Cats launched a “No More PU” billboard campaign with the intent to start conversations about things in life that stink (#lifestinks). The campaign, which was also meant to be funny, rubbed people the wrong way in Cincinnati, when a billboard in Over-The-Rhine read: “You’re so over Over-The-Rhine. #lifestinks nomorepu.com”.

Insulted and very angry (rightly so), Cincinnati residents took to Twitter. Tidy Cats issued apologies to complaints and by Thursday night, the ad was covered up with a billboard promoting Purina pet adoption.

Tidy Cats, good effort at being quick to try and correct this, but for many the damage is already done. We love OTR and this campaign was #notfunny.

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Ad Fail – American Girls

April 5th, 2012 — 12:08pm

Many young girls today are growing up touting their look-alike American Girls dolls, playing dress up with them, and visiting the American Girls Store to eat, shop, visit the hair salon, and get a check up at the doctor. For the most part these dolls are wholesome and a seemingly innocent companion for little girls.

This wholesome image is being (creepily) disturbed by a stream of editorial photos in which girls pose with their dolls. The second photo on the album pictures a young girl, no more than 11 or 12, laying in a promiscuous pose, and wearing a skimpy bikini with her doll on a balcony that totes a city scene view. Due to the inappropriate content of the photos Welt will not be reposting them on our blog.

Note: these images are photographed by Ilonia  Szwarc and is represented by Redux Pictures — the company that does American Girls editorials.

In our opinion, the dolls (and the little girls who own them) are, unfortunately, represented poorly in these images and do not represent an innocent or wholesome image for fans (and hopefully their parents).

We feel that these pictures are:

1. Not a positive look for American Girls;
2. Do not represent the company well;
3. Are exploiting younger girls;
4. Are extremely inappropriate;
5. …What were they thinking?!

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Photoshoppers Beware: The Self-Esteem Act

November 17th, 2011 — 3:38pm

Ladies, how many times have you stood in front of your mirror and analyzed the different parts of your body? Have you ever actually gotten to the point where your body is exactly the way you would like it to look?

Let’s face it: we’ve used firming crèmes, lengthening mascara, push-up bras, Spanx, and hair extensions just to feel pretty. I’ve even gone so far as to wear colored contacts! Our definition of “pretty” is often defined by pop culture and advertisements that are endorsed by gorgeous models with perfect…everything. So, regardless of the assumption that even the models in these photographs don’t actually look that good without digital alterations, we still feel bad about ourselves.

What happened to inner beauty and character in flaws? Or the beauty in smile-wrinkles and, God forbid, letting your personality shine?

These ridiculous standards are contextualized in advertisements that we consume every day. We can always complain about this, but what exactly can we do to help minimize these standards?
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