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What’s Your Secret Identity?

May 31st, 2011 — 12:39pm

Last year, Superman decided to walk across America to connect with people. A great idea, except, he’s just fictional. Abner Preis, previously renowned for his liberating Web 2.0 Suicide Machine video, is crossing the country for real, engaging imaginations and turning the people he encounters into real-life masked mystery men. As we love Superheroes around here, when we got wind of this art project, we just knew we had to support it.

Preis and Harlan Levey are creating art which asks, “If you had three super powers what would they be?” The project started in Europe and they’re now bringing it to the country where comic books were born to find the superheroes inside ordinary Americans. Continue reading »

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Facebook: All About Me… And My Stuff

May 27th, 2011 — 7:29am

Facebook launched photo tagging for pages this month. Now anyone can tag products alongside the people in your pictures. I recently had first-hand experience of why this could be the new “power tool” for a brand’s page.

Last week, pleased with the results I was getting from an expensive new home appliance, I decided to post a photo of it. I was amazed one mediocre photograph generated more feedback in one day than anything I’d posted in weeks. How is it a vacuum cleaner can accrue so much attention?

Well, I’d ponied up for a Dyson. Thanks to great advertising, strong design, and an impressive price-point, the everyday Joe sees them as the leader of the vacuum pack.

My friends responded to the Dyson brand strong enough to act on it. The comments were equally divided between gentle ribbing and enthusiastic sharing of their own Dyson experiences. Continue reading »

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