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How to Make Your Brand Wiki-Worthy

January 11th, 2012 — 5:04pm

Welt Branding sat down with Mike Dover, co-author of Wiki Brands: Reinventing Your Company In A Customer-Driven Marketplace, and had a discussion about a few of his branding insights and their impact on businesses. Wiki Brands discusses what companies have done in the past, what they are doing now, and what they should be doing with branding efforts. The authors analyze the effects these efforts have on brands, and highlight some key concepts any executive or marketer should consider.

Don Tapscott’s research program known as Marketing 2.0 initiated Wiki Brands. Dover ran the operations for this program while Sean Moffitt, co-author of Wiki Brands, wrote its research papers in conjunction with other faculty members. The two were granted permission to take existing work and expand it to book form by continuing their own research as well as updating existing results.

Here is a sample of their findings:

Brand managers make a series of mistakes in their branding efforts, which can be simplified into three elements.

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