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Marketing Tweets of The Week

March 5th, 2012 — 2:15pm

Welt Branding sifted through Twitter this week in hopes of finding the best marketing and pop culture tweets that got across information without relying on a link to a blog or article post. Some are funny and some are purposely informative, but, either way, it’s hard to get your point across in 140 characters or less with out directing consumers elsewhere. Here are our top ten tweets. Enjoy.

Which tweet is your favorite? Did you find any that we missed?

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Brand Campaigns That Changed Our Opinion in 2011

December 22nd, 2011 — 9:27am

This year there were a number of campaigns that either affected our buying behavior or changed our opinion of a brand. Below are the five brands that were most influential to us brandlings.

Ford – Campaign: “Drive One” and “Swap Your Ride”

Growing up, everyone we didn’t like owned a Ford Explorer, and unfortunately, we began to associate our dislike for these people with that of the Ford brand. This past year, Ford has been heavily marketing its brand and products through a couple campaigns.

The “Swap Your Ride” campaign allows customers to drive a Ford vehicle for a week and then talk about their experience. The advertisements that cover this campaign are hosted and endorsed by Mike Rowe – who was named by Forbes magazine one of “Hollywood’s 10 Most Trustworthy Celebrities”.

The “Drive One” campaign is composed of actual Ford customers who come to the dealership to take part in a focus group. When they arrive they are led into a room that opens up to a surprise mock press conference.

These 2011 campaigns changed how we saw Ford, although both debuted a few years ago: “Swap My Ride” in 2007, and “Drive One” in 2008.  We don’t cringe at Ford cars anymore, in fact, we “check them out” when they drive by on the highway – and we’ll admit we’re very jealous of their 40mpg fuel economy.

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The Grand Experiment of 2010…

November 30th, 2010 — 11:24am

BP supposedly employed 76 social mediaites pre-crisis. I wanted some verification of this claim, so as any social media user would do, I took to Twitter. If BP actually had 76 employees in social media, a timely response via Twitter seemed reasonable. So I waited and waited some more… and nothing. Even after repeated attempts, my question fell on deaf ears. BP doesn’t understand social media; that is, BP isn’t using it to engage their users and answer their questions. This could be one reason why they’ve had a PR nightmare on their hands. I might appear to be on a tangent or a rant, but I’m actually taking this somewhere.

Let the grand experiment begin

Here we go… After BP’s overall fail, I wondered how many other large corporations tout Twitter friendliness, but aren’t actually “Twitter friendly.” Lo and behold, I found a list on Mashable with the 40 Best Twitter Brands. The article seemed a bit like digital networking and corporate back rubbing, so I stopped at number 15. I took matters into my own hands from there. It was time to find out which of the 15 were worthy of being a “best” Twitter brand.
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