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Twitter Fail?

July 19th, 2012 — 8:57am

After a lack of cell service leaves me feeling disconnected at a Reds game, I can’t decide if I should be frustrated with the #RedsTweetUp event, or if having the volume turned down was good for me…

With the lure of field box seating, interacting with other “blogger/celebrity/media” tweeps from across the nation, and a free t-shirt (bonus), I signed up for the Reds Tweetup as soon as I found out about it…which just happened to be through Twitter. I was exceedingly, ridiculously, wildly excited and told anyone and everyone with little-to-no shame about my plans.

Did I mention this night of socializing and tweeting was not only on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, but the game was against the Cards?

What war-of-words would I be close enough to capture—and better yet—share, on Twitter and Instagram? What clever ways could I use the #RedsTweetUp hashtag to show my support for Cueto and @datdudebp?

A photo of GABP I posted to Instagram – after I left the game.

I ended up just a couple rows back in section 110. Beer in one hand, iPhone in the other, I did what anyone was supposed to do as soon as I settled into my seat: I took a photo (Votto!).

Slight dilemma: I had no service…meaning no tweets, no IG moments, no nothing! I do see value in having actual in-person conversation at baseball outings, which would have happened regardless, but I was a bit frustrated I couldn’t share my experience with my newly found Reds tweeps and those watching at home.

Later that night I was able to get service right outside the ballpark. But I had to wonder: were my expectations just off? Was I better off not being able to get my wi-fi fix till the game was over?

With a less-than-stellar record when it comes to the showcase that is Sunday Night Baseball, at least our team came away with the win (#sweep!)… and I was also able to put a face to some of those Twitter handles…

Think that people should just put their phones away at games? Or did you attend the game yourself as a #RedsTweetUp fan? Let us know if you think this is a Twitter Fail, and why, at @weltbrand or @kimbrandling.

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Top 10 Tweets of the Week

June 8th, 2012 — 9:29am

Our top 10 tweets #frompopcultureandmarketing of the last week:

What Tweets made you smile lately?  Or what Tweets did you favorite, retweet, or just find shareable in some way? Hit us back at social@weltbranding.com or leave us a comment!

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Tweets of the Week

March 26th, 2012 — 9:25am

Our top 10 tweets #frompopcultureandmarketing of the week:

Social Media expert and Welt alumn, Jay Kulpa, comments on Google yawning fact - did it make you yawn too?

Controversial: employers have been asking potential employees to give up their Facebook password. Twitter is where Welt heard it first!

#Perezism = Perez Hilton giving (not so bad) advice or inspiration.

We missed the #cincySM event, but we were able to follow it on Twitter (thanks to the avid tweeters.)

Makes a good point... It's easy to forget, but sometimes the simple stuff goes a long way!

Fun fact :-)

Visual aids - such as inforgraphics - really help to put something into perspective.

We like OTR and Arts, so we couldn't help but add this to the list.

While the brawl that got this coverage in the NYTimes isn't ideal, it does reflect one thing we think that makes Cincinnati great: the basketball teams, who both seemingly have rebounded since their fight.

One brand that might not be too excited about Shawne Merriman's comical response to the NFL's bounty scandal: P&G's Bounty Towels.

Bonus tweet:

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning fund Airtime, which is a live social video company.

Which tweets were your favorite? Did we miss any? Hit us back!

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Marketing Tweets of The Week

March 5th, 2012 — 2:15pm

Welt Branding sifted through Twitter this week in hopes of finding the best marketing and pop culture tweets that got across information without relying on a link to a blog or article post. Some are funny and some are purposely informative, but, either way, it’s hard to get your point across in 140 characters or less with out directing consumers elsewhere. Here are our top ten tweets. Enjoy.

Which tweet is your favorite? Did you find any that we missed?

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Q&A with the Charity Event That’s Rebranding November

November 22nd, 2011 — 2:55pm

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year, raising funds and awareness for men’s health in the process. Welt was able to interview Donny Killian, Movember’s US manager, to find out more about the event.

Welt: How did the idea originally come about?

Donny: It started in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, with a couple of friends talking about ‘80s fashion and how everything cycles back into vogue. They decided then and there that the moustache was the perfect old school fashion that needed a comeback. That November, they got 30 of their friends together to grow a Mo, Aussie slang for moustache, re-naming the month Movember.

The rules were simple: Start the month clean-shaven, and grow a moustache for 30 days. The guys had so much fun, and were shocked by the amount of conversations started by the moustache. They decided to grow the following year, and to do it for a cause. Inspired by the breast cancer and women’s health movement, they chose an under-served disease that affecting 1 in 6 men, prostate cancer.

The following year, 450 Aussies raised $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia… And that was the beginning of the men’s health movement.

Welt: Currently in the US, $7,091,183 has been raised. What has not proven to be effective in your social media efforts to help raise this number?

Donny: We are thrilled with the amount raised so far this year (nearly $7.2M) and how far we’ve come from last year. In 2010, we had nearly 65,000 registered Mo Bros and Mo Sistas participating and they raised $7.5M ($81M globally, with 450,000 global participants). We are only 18 days into the month and already have 138,000 US participants and close to $51M globally! We are honored to have this overwhelming support.

Our community is a fun, strong and dedicated force – they understand our messaging, believe in the cause and spread awareness in their own unique way. We support our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas throughout their Movember journey by providing the tools and resources for them to have meaningful conversations, educate others and above all have remarkable experiences throughout the month.

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