If you work at Welt Branding, you’re a "Brandling," and every Brandling knows that undefined or poorly defined problems don't get solved. Here’s where we gain a better understanding of our client’s specific strategic needs, how their customers experience them, and/or how they are positioned in relationship to their competitors. We also define goals, objectives, and resources available, and capture this information in a brand brief used to keep the project on-target.

A1 Definition of opportunity | A2 Marketing research and analysis | A3 Ideation


At Welt, we do everything we can (what ever that may be) to get all the best ideas out and on to the table for evaluation. After this broad ideation phase, we take the refined direction and create visual variations and effective messaging concepts. Then we share our ideas with you, and we want your feedback! No great creative is ever developed in a vacuum. After feedback and revision as necessary is completed, the determined concept is applied across the mediums.

D1 Direction definition | D2 Concepting | D3 Application


And finally… the creative is executed across the technical formats and prepared to be handed-off to production specialists or vendors. In most agencies, this would be the end of the process. Your deliverable would be produced, and...well delivered. But at Welt, before we go into production, we will go over the process with you as it has been documented, and make sure that you are fully satisfied.

P1 Implementation | P2 Production | P3 Delivery

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