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Larry Sumpter | managing director

University of Cincinnati | Political Science and Marketing
University of Liverpool, UK | MBA - International Marketing (2012)

In Feudal Japan, the Ninja was feared and respected. They followed an enigmatic code that, while still honorable, encouraged only one outcome. That outcome was victory for those that employed the Ninja’s skills.

Larry is actually from Cleveland. He owns a black belt, but that is to hold up his khakis. His code of ethics is pretty much standard to the Midwest, but when it comes to marketing, he and the Red Ninja share one vision: Victory for those that employ him!

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Gina Johnston | creative director

University of Cincinnati DAAP | BS Graphic Design

Walter Barrowdelf, Gnome Foreman, has more than 450 years of experience in delivering creative solutions and mind shattering design, with the help of his team of “File Cabinet Gnomes.” Walter met Gina at a kegger at the University of Cincinnati (favorite school for many supernatural creatures. Go Bearcats), and through trickery (and a game of flip-cups that went wrong for Walter), Gina secured his services indefinitely.

Now, each day, Gina comes to work, meets with clients, organizes the design team, and makes sure that Welt adheres to a standard of design that other agencies simply can’t touch. Each night, Walter and his team of Gnomes come out of her filing cabinet and make all of the ideas that Gina comes up with real.

I mean, come on, how could Gina come up with design solutions that are so perfect without a little magic ?

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Kim Sykes | brand project manager

University of Cincinnati | BA - Journalism/Narrative Nonfiction
University of Cincinnati | MBA - Marketing
University of Cincinnati | MS - Marketing

Clearly made from advanced alien technology, Perfecta is something more than efficient: she actually runs algorithms that predict the future needs of our clients. She has advanced programming (MBA, Masters in Marketing), and enhanced strategy circuitry. Astonishingly, she has almost unlimited bandwidth, and untapped reserves of energy, all of which is focused on delivering project perfection for your brand.

What I am trying to say is “Kim is a robot!”

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Emily Taylor | designer

University of Cincinnati DAAP | BS Graphic Design

Miss Potato Head comes equipped with more looks and solutions than a fun house hall of mirrors. It doesn’t matter what the situation may ask for, Miss Potato Head can reach into her bag of tricks (looks like a pink purse, but it is clearly a “bag-o-tricks”), and pull out something that will blow your mind!

So much more than a well-dressed tuber, Emily is a seemingly endless well of creativity and craft. She has versatility and vision, and she isn’t afraid to use ‘em!

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Scott Marjason | IT director

Ball State University | BS Technical Theater, Design

Jack is the master of the unexpected, and creating the unexpected. You literally don’t know when he will pop up, but when he does, he brings wonder, delight and maybe a little fear.

Scott is no different. There may be no more talented digital developer than Scott in the business. You never know what he is up to in that box of his, but when he pops up his head and he shows you what he has done, the results are amazing!

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Al Lang | Lang Photo

Honorary Brandling

Reality just looks better through Al’s lens. He always has his head on a swivel, searching for the perfect shot, the best light, the ultimate way to highlight you and your products. Even if the shot isn’t perfect when he takes it, he is a true wizard at digitally altering reality to fit your vision.

I am not gonna say that Al literally makes “reality look better,” but I would point out that his Bobble Head is just slightly better looking than he is!

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